In the Heart of Being

Which Sounds Lead You to Tranquility?

October 20, 2023 Nathalie Nevali
In the Heart of Being
Which Sounds Lead You to Tranquility?
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Sound is the first thing we hear when we are in the womb of our mother and the last thing that leaves when we let go of the body, to visit an other realm.

The waves a sound makes, can create true healing.. Like the laughter of our mother that made us jump in her belly. Sound waves move the water and disolves everything that is on its way. It can lift us up and heal us. Allowing yourself to find the sound that lifts you up, creates an expansion of your spirit and your light. It gives you peace of mind...

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Today Jose and I are going to talk about sound. It's a subject, she proposed to talk about today. Sound is the first thing we hear when we are in the womb of our mother. And sound is like waves I remember one day I went to this, festival. And you had this, I don't know what it's called, a gong. It's like this round big thing you, you slam upon. And I was sitting there in the audience and he had this big gong. And I was just sitting there. And then he started, and I just felt the wave coming. I just could not sit up anymore. Because sound can be so strong that it pushes you aside I just went on my belly and with my head on the earth and I just let it go over me. And I enjoyed this sound concert. And then when it was finished, I woke up from the earth and I opened my eyes and almost everyone was gone. 

Because it was so intense. So sound can be like, lift you up in a way, but it can also distort you. I know it can make you small, but you also can hear when someone is talking, if it is true or not. There's something in the voice, you hear it. And even like we feel it, we hear it, but our mind says, no, this person is trustworthy, or this person is very happy, but somewhere we can feel that it is different.

So, sound works on, on our body. And especially in our heart. They always say we are almost 70 or 80% water. And when a sound comes to us, it depends on what kind of sound it is. So it can easily go through us or it can in a way find all those obstacles inside us. It's also like when we hear the wind in the trees. 

Then our belly relaxes and the clouds we have in our mind just disappears. And when we hear someone sing, you have two ways of singing actually, the one that is performing, and the one that is true, and the one that is real. Even if the one that is real would sing really bad, what is bad?

You would not say he has a proper way of singing. But if it is from the heart and it is true, we like it. But if someone is performing, just performing, because it must be perfect, it doesn't touch us. We can say it was a very good performance, this is what we say, but it didn't touch me. And when someone is standing there and trying from the core of their being, even if it is like a little bit off, we feel it.

And this is true. So sound in a way can feed us, it can lift us up, and it can put us down. When we hear a siren, for example, our whole body is like, You know, we, we contract because it is invasive. It's an invasive sound, but when we hear birds sing, we expand. So this is how sounds works. 

I once had this initiation and I was on the table. And this person was working on me with stones and stuff like that. And then I remembered I heared a dog barking in the park, in front of the house. And it was actually interesting because it felt like it was the sound was a little bit delayed in a way. So I heard like something like, ooooh, like all the layers of the sound. And then I got this insight, healing takes place in between the level of the sounds. And I thought, this is interesting. So what does that mean? So, when we hear something, or when we make a sound, It's difficult to explain, we need to think about that. How to explain this, because I can see it, but I don't know if I can, can express it in words.

There is, you know, like the sound of this dog barking. When something happens to us, when we get scared, or when we're in an accident, or when we hear something that hurts us, because things that lift our spirit don't ever enter our body, they just, just make us expand more, but things that are painful, and sad, and scary. They make us smaller, and when a sound expands, it has all those parts, and every part is a component of the whole, which means that in the levels of the sounds, every component needs its own healing. So it needs the right frequency. And sound is something that can, permeates all those little pieces.

So that's why we love sound, even if it's drumming or singing or tapping or even like those children. After a while they find out that you can tap something. It's amazing. They get totally lost in it. Even my birds everything they touch can make sounds and they like it. And they talk, talk, talk, talk, and they listen to it and then do it again. But we are the same, when we hear sound, the pain dissolves. 

Well, it's not only comforting. It's like the vibration just takes it out. Like in the past, long, long ago, we worked with sounds, but in totally different ways than we do now. As I said in the beginning, like this, music I was listening to this gong, like he was banging on this. Big round thing. I don't know what it's called in English. Maybe one day it will come. 

Yeah, of course. If you look very much in the past, even when they used to go to war, for example. If you look at Japanese history, samurai warriors, they would have that. Bringing it into battle also. 

Yes because it gives strength, you know? When I was sitting there and this force was coming, I realized that I had been reading about it that in the past, and a long time ago, people would use it, in a way to move things. And I understand, you can move things with it because it's such a strong force.

You can move objects, but in a way, the sound can also move the objects in our own field. That's why we are attracted to a certain kind of music, and it's different for every person. And that has to do with where they are. Nothing is better or worse. It's just where they are. 

Some people like rock, for example. Rock music can be very intense. But for them, it helps them to release the things that are in their field. I like more different things. I like the songs of birds, for example. It's a different kind of song. But in the end, it does the same for me as it does for them.

So the true healing lies in allowing yourself to find the sound that gives you peace of mind. 

And do you think we should experience more with sound then? 

Yeah, we do? We do. But certain sounds are allowed, you know. I like the drum, for example, like the Samurai's,they use the drum and they still do like in, in parts of the world.

And it's such a, a deep vibration. It goes through everything. You cannot withhold it just, just goes through you or it is too much and you walk away or you just let it be and everything is pushed out of the field. But if I would be banging my drum here, if I would do it on a workday, everyone would be at my door, because we are not allowed to make those sounds anymore in certain places at certain moments.

But I believe that if sound would be more part of our world, you wouldn't be sick that much. Sound is a true healer. Even when we feel really bad and we hear the song that we love. It changes, even when we feel sick and we hear a song that we truly love, we feel less bad. 

It can lift you up.

Yeah. And when we sing ourselves, that's the most healing of all. Because when we sing, it vibrates through our own body. So I'm asking every one of you, it doesn't have to be beautiful. Just have to be true. It is your voice, and you are allowed to let that voice be heard. You don't have to show it to the whole world, but to yourself, because it gives you true healing. Let's start singing! 

Next time, me and Disha will talk about the inner voice. The one that can be very clear. The one that guides us in our lives. But most of the time, we do not listen to this voice. We listen to the inner voices of others, and we believe that they know better than we do. And for all of us, the only thing we have to do is start to listen to our inner voice, to be guided from the inside out.