In the Heart of Being

Are you harnessing the level of ease?

September 21, 2023 Nathalie Nevali
In the Heart of Being
Are you harnessing the level of ease?
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We all now epsisodes in our lives, when everything goes smoothe and how much we enjoy these times. Its like we are flying. On the other hand we all have been at the other side, when life around us is full of chaos and our innerself in turmoil. Being overwelmed, not knowing where to go or what to do.

It is like learning how to ride the wave, everytime it turns up in your life. In a way you get better at it, and deep down you know. This all will pass and trust will build. More and more you will feel ease. Starting to move around with grace in the sometimes chaotic world in and around you.

Level of ease is the frequency you ride. Its actually the way how we perceive things. When we understand this, we will see the results in our lives.

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Today Jose and I are going to talk about the level of ease. Which has been always a very difficult one for me, because I cannot say that my life went easy or smooth at all, you know. Some people think that way when they look at me and they have all those ideas.

It was a very bumpy road. And ease was not a part of it. But I always believed that it brought me where I am today, and that I needed to experience it to understand other people's pain and sorrow and unease in life. I can say that nowadays I find the level of ease more in my grasp than it was in the past.

And still, the road can be rocky, so now and then, but I noticed that it will come and it will go. So you have difficult times, rough times, and then there's a time of ease. And everything calms down. Used to have those snowballs when you were a child ?

And you would rock them, and then all the pieces, and then, it was like chaos in that little bowl. Then you would hold it in your hand, or you put it on the table, and then everything went down. And it found a new, there was a new, landscape I believe it would not be interesting if life would be easy all the time.

We need sometimes the rocky roads just to grow, to understand ourselves better. But the level of ease is also to do with the frequency we live in. I do believe that after, when I got older, that I could handle it better. And, distress more, because when the road is very rocky, life can be very stressful.

When I was younger I always had to fight for everything in my life.And I remember, a friend I hadn't seen in years saw me, I think I hadn't seen her, like, in 10 or 15 years. And she said to me, the first thing she said, you still have that light in you, and I know you had a very difficult life.

This is what people see and they don't understand how life has been but I always believe that somewhere in me, I always saw or felt, there's another field I could connect to, even if If life was not working out, if everything would disappear, if there was no, no job, no money, no people, and pain everywhere in the body, , but even then I always had this urge to stand up again because I know I am not only this. I know, there's something else that's much bigger than the person in this life. The light that comes through me.

What would you advise to people who are like you, also in a bumpy road? 

I always say, nothing lasts forever. It can take a long time. It can take years before things change. it always does. 

So again, there's patience needed.,faith needed 

Everything has a beginning and an end. And in between, you take your breaths but, after all those things that happened, you know, then something new comes in your life that's pretty sharp and you think, okay.

But you know, you just know inside that it will change again and you just be with it. You say, okay, this is what's happening now, but it's not who I am. This is where I changes it because in the beginning you're in this drama, you have this pain and you think this is life. It will never change. And why is it happening to me?

You can have this drama queen act, for example, even if it's very heavy, what you carry or what is happening in your life. And then with me, there was one moment. Then I had everything was falling apart and I had a lot of drama in my life and then I thought, Oh, wait a second.Who is the one being constant in this all? And that was me. And I thought, Okay, so if I wanted to be different, I am the one that will change it. 

Sometimes you cannot change the circumstances, but you can change the way you feel about it, the way you see it, because you are not your circumstances only when you allow it to be, but sometimes it's such a symbiotic, like everything that happened in the past and that is still happening in your life that you don't have this, consciousness yet that you understand that this is not you because when you came into this world, nothing of this was true.

It just happened. And it happens You are something that is, How would they show it to me? They show this like this ball, this ball of energy that just entered this body and said, okay, I'm going to experience it all. And, yeah this is also part of it.

So the level of ease is something that we understand, or that we live, when we, see and not become. As I said before in one of the other episodes, it is happening, and something is beautiful, and something is bad, and something is hurting, and still. When you come into that road, that when you see it, when you let it happen, and still know that it will just move on after a while, like this wave is coming, it's coming and you see it coming, oh my god oh my god oh my god and then you're underneath the wave, and slowly you come up, you're like pfffff, I need to breath again, and then you start swimming, you say, it's very calm see., This is how that works, the level of ease, but next time you see that wave coming, you say, ok, I see it coming. If I just just go with it, of course, it's still heavy but it's less, and the level of ease is the frequency you ride in a way.

You can just hold on to the pain, but you can also say, okay, it's still there. And I truly believe that when it shows itself, it just wants to leave you. It's not trying to hunt you all the time. No, the body wants to heal itself. And when we have , those painful experiences that get into our cells and we come in a certain frequency, in a certain ease.Then it just comes up like this bubbles and I said, okay.I am ready. I want to go. I want to go Let me go Most of the times you say, no,I'm going to push it away and then it becomes a wave and Then it engulfs us and then we do not know what to do with it. 

I learned over the years that I see the wave coming. Okay. Here we go. I'm going to take my boat and I'm going to row. So, heavy one. And it's actually the way we perceive things that defines the level of ease. 

So how we see them, how we look at them, how we live them, 

How we live them. I'm going to ask if there is a way to, you know, to boost the level of ease. They have to laugh at me and say, forget about that, because it's not about that. We cannot make it happen, the level of ease, It's the same as with patience, you know, level of ease is a part of the whole. When we become more patient, when we let things happen the way they need to happen, when we have faith in the outcome, even if we don't see it, then level of ease becomes a reality. It's not something we create. It's something that is a result of the way we live our lives. 

Seeing, being connected to the world around us, and still knowing that we are not the things they make us believe.